Sunday, August 22, 2010

Having to stop HCG drops....

Well I have to stop taking the HCG drops so that TOM will come and I can get my esure procedure done. It sucks but it'll be ok I'll just move on to phase 3 and stay in phase 3 until we get back from California. What sucks is I'm not supposed to lose anymore weight. When you go into phase 3 it's about maintaining the weight you lost already...*sigh* I have to do the VLCD part of the diet until August 24 at noon then it's back to eating "normal" again. I sure hope I can survive the hunger that's sure to come this next 72 hours and I sure hope TOM visits really really soon!

Total weight Loss from Round 1 of HCG protocol 20.8 pounds I've been told that is an amazing weight loss average I sure hope so. I know it's the most I've ever lost in less then 1 Oh dropping 4 sizes in clothing..more if you count the fact I fit into a regular pair of size 18 W after the 18.

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  1. You did awesome girl and I know you can keep it up after the drops. You did outstanding!