Friday, August 20, 2010

Officially 20 pounds lost!!!!

With today's weigh-in I lost 0.8 pounds that put my full weight loss so far at 20.2 pounds!!!! I am so thrilled almost wanted to treat myself to a Only 15 more days of the VLCD then it's on to the maintenance phase. I am VERY scared of the maintenance phase that is where people mess up and gain weight back. I am so determined to keep the weight off I will do EVERYTHING I need to do including more exercise! I feel so good about where I'm at and how I'm doing I don't want to screw it all up.

I have a "friend" who is taking for her weight loss and she is doing good but I'm not too sure about taking a diet pill. Especially with all the crap that came from the last "big diet pill" phenfen or w/e it was called. I may have to discuss it with my doctor though see what he says.


  1. WOO HOO! Congrats on the 20 pounds. That's just awesome. You keep it up and keep us up to date. I also need more recipes. Oh and what kind of drinks are you having? I'm bout sick of green tea already. LOL

  2. I drink at least 1/2 my body weight in water everyday, then it's regular tea with Truvia in it ( I can NOT stand stevia it's way to bitter), and I usually juice one lemon and see how many cups of lemonade I can get out of

    Usually 3 tbsp's of lemon juice, glass of water, 1 package of Truvia, and some ice make a great glass of lemonade.

    I have a pdf file full of recipes I can send you email me and I'll send them to you.