Thursday, August 5, 2010

VERY very LONG day!

I've had a very very long day! Left the house at 10am to do some shopping with my mother in law before my doctor's appointment figured we'd only be gone for an hour or 2 so I didn't take any drops, food or water with me. Well she ended up locking her keys in her car and we were stranded in the heat for about 3 hours! I thought I was going to pass out and I had my 3 daughters with us and they were miserable too. Ended up barely making my doctors appointment. Went all day til 5pm with nothing to eat and only 1 bottle of water that I bought out of the machine at the doctors office. It was so horrible! So from now on no matter how long I'm going to be gone I'm stocking

My doctors appointment went great he was so shocked with how much weight and inches I've lost. This was a ob/gyn appointment so he hadn't seen me in almost a year. He wanted to hear all about the HCG diet so I filled him in. I was kinda surprised with him not knowing about it. I might have to stop my HCG drops though because I'm having an essure procedure done and he said if it affects a pregnancy test then I have to stop it long enough for him to do this procedure. I told him since it's homeopathic it shouldn't affect a pregnancy test..hope I am right?

Anyways I got another very long day tomorrow with appointments for all my kids so I'm going to do an apple day tomorrow. I figured it will be easier to travel with apples then a bunch of other food.

Today's loss was .6 pounds..I'm really missing those 1 pound loss mornings..*sighs*

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