Wednesday, April 27, 2011

VLCD here I come!!

Today is the first day of VLCD I'm so glad it's finally here!! My 2 loading days were a fail somehow I managed to lose a pound instead of gaining anything. On day 1 all I had all day was dinner and it was a Tuscan chicken pasta. Day 2 I had 2 slices of Greek Pizza and 1/2 a Gyro. This morning I weigh myself and lost a pound.

Now it's time for VLCD and lets just hope that scale keeps showing descending numbers!!

Monday, April 25, 2011


Ok so loading was supposed to start this last weekend but guess didn't. There are certain items I really need to start this diet off on the right foot & one of those items are Capella Flavor Drops . Yes I NEED these like you wouldn't believe, they make this diet SOOOO much easier to handle! Guess what though, I ordered them early last week & still haven't got them! I did get my salad dressing & BBQ seasoning from Perfect Portions 2 days after I ordered them but yep still waiting on the Capella Drops. I did however get an email Saturday telling me my drops have been shipped.

So I put loading off until today. You load for 2 days and I don't have to have the capella drops to start the loading so I figured I'll load today (Monday) and tomorrow (Tuesday) keep my fingers crossed that I get them by Wednesday when the VLCD starts.

You just can't imagine how helpful these drops are. Especially for coffee. I ended up ordering some water flavor drops also I really hope they are as good as the other drops. One of the hardest things for me on this diet is drinking the right amount of water.

Have I mentioned that the loading phase is something I really just don't like about this diet? You are supposed to stuff your face for 2 days & honestly that is something I have problems doing. Me being overweight has nothing to do with eating too much it has to do with not eating enough & lack of exercise. It also doesn't help that when I do eat it's at the wrong time of the day & it's all the "wrong" foods. That is one reason I think this diet is so successful for me. I actually enjoy & look forward to the VLCD days!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Date change...

So my first load day has been changed to Saturday April 23rd instead of Friday. I changed it because I will only being 2 days of loading instead of 3 and I wanna load on

I went grocery shopping today can't tell you exactly what I spent on just my diet food since I bought regular groceries for the family at the same time. I did however spend a total of $151.49 on groceries it's safe to assume that at least half of that was on my food alone.

I'm really excited about this round wish it was Monday already so I could start the VLCD part of it.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Here we go again!

Well I will be starting Round 2 of the HCG diet protocol on Friday April 22, 2011. There was a lot of time between Rounds 1 and 2 because of money & motivation issues. Last time it was easy to just spend spend spend because we had saved up a lot of money to go on our family vacation & I just tapped into that. This time though I decided to be a little more budget friendly. The motivation issues wasn't do to inadequate weight loss during round one (20 pounds lost & I still was losing after the maintenance period which is a no no). I wasn't feeling motivated because of everything else going on in our life. Stress was coming from all directions so I kept putting the start of this round off & started with my old eating habits again! I can see my weight gain when I look in the mirror every morning & it started depressing me. When I'm depressed I don't eat and not eating is worse then over eating! Going all day and eating nothing then eating a big supper late in the night all the while drinking Dr.Pepper you can just imagine my body was SCREAMING STOP!!! So I decided now is that time to stop!

I am choosing to start this Round on Easter weekend because the loading phase will be "fun" then. Not to mention loading on a big ol' homemade easter dinner is way better then the drive thru at Wendy's!

I'll be doing my weigh in Friday morning wish me luck! If this round is even half as good as my first round I'll be happy!