Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Here we go again!

Well I will be starting Round 2 of the HCG diet protocol on Friday April 22, 2011. There was a lot of time between Rounds 1 and 2 because of money & motivation issues. Last time it was easy to just spend spend spend because we had saved up a lot of money to go on our family vacation & I just tapped into that. This time though I decided to be a little more budget friendly. The motivation issues wasn't do to inadequate weight loss during round one (20 pounds lost & I still was losing after the maintenance period which is a no no). I wasn't feeling motivated because of everything else going on in our life. Stress was coming from all directions so I kept putting the start of this round off & started with my old eating habits again! I can see my weight gain when I look in the mirror every morning & it started depressing me. When I'm depressed I don't eat and not eating is worse then over eating! Going all day and eating nothing then eating a big supper late in the night all the while drinking Dr.Pepper you can just imagine my body was SCREAMING STOP!!! So I decided now is that time to stop!

I am choosing to start this Round on Easter weekend because the loading phase will be "fun" then. Not to mention loading on a big ol' homemade easter dinner is way better then the drive thru at Wendy's!

I'll be doing my weigh in Friday morning wish me luck! If this round is even half as good as my first round I'll be happy!

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  1. Good luck girl. You're going to do awesome AGAIN! Love ya!