Monday, April 25, 2011


Ok so loading was supposed to start this last weekend but guess didn't. There are certain items I really need to start this diet off on the right foot & one of those items are Capella Flavor Drops . Yes I NEED these like you wouldn't believe, they make this diet SOOOO much easier to handle! Guess what though, I ordered them early last week & still haven't got them! I did get my salad dressing & BBQ seasoning from Perfect Portions 2 days after I ordered them but yep still waiting on the Capella Drops. I did however get an email Saturday telling me my drops have been shipped.

So I put loading off until today. You load for 2 days and I don't have to have the capella drops to start the loading so I figured I'll load today (Monday) and tomorrow (Tuesday) keep my fingers crossed that I get them by Wednesday when the VLCD starts.

You just can't imagine how helpful these drops are. Especially for coffee. I ended up ordering some water flavor drops also I really hope they are as good as the other drops. One of the hardest things for me on this diet is drinking the right amount of water.

Have I mentioned that the loading phase is something I really just don't like about this diet? You are supposed to stuff your face for 2 days & honestly that is something I have problems doing. Me being overweight has nothing to do with eating too much it has to do with not eating enough & lack of exercise. It also doesn't help that when I do eat it's at the wrong time of the day & it's all the "wrong" foods. That is one reason I think this diet is so successful for me. I actually enjoy & look forward to the VLCD days!

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